Monday, October 15, 2012

Missed Me?! :)

Hello again! I am SO sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I've been on some STRONG pain meds, so I've had trouble reading, writing, and even sitting up to use my laptop. Thankfully I have tons of DVD's from my Aunt and Uncle to zone out to! The last week has been a total roller coaster...lots of ups, lots of downs. I'm going to let my Dad give you guys an update since this is about as much as I can write and still make sense. :) Whenever my doctors let me off my annoying pain meds I promise to write a BIG post from me!!

As always, lots of love and I promise I'm still staying strong! <3

This is Sarah's Dad.
Sarah had a tough end-of-last-week, as she struggled with several painful issues. But starting Friday, her body started responding better to treatment, and Saturday and Sunday we started seeing the vibrant, happy, active Sarah that we all love. Saturday and Sunday, Sarah was determined to get some exercise, because her body started craving movement (a good sign!). She took four laps around the Pediatric floor on Saturday with her Mom, and on Sunday she broke her record by taking four more laps in the morning and five laps with me on Sunday night. Sarah's a favorite patient among the nurses and doctors here, and her room has become a place for them to "hang out" and talk. There's a lot of laughter in the room, and we've been told that her wall shows off more great cards from family and friends than most of them have ever seen. Like she says, there are times when the pain medication makes her sleepy or "spacey," but overall, she had a good weekend.

Several nurses have admired her window, where visitors draw pictures, sign autographs, and write encouraging messages. Keep praying for Sarah's healing! The Holy Spirit is very strong here! 

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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I saw Sam on Sunday night and his new hair cut! He told us that he shaved his head in honor of you. Since you lost your hair he too will not have hair. What a great brother you have!

    The teens in our youth group are praying 10 Hail Mary's daily for your complete healing, strength for you family and knowledge for your doctors. We had a discussion on the many ways we use our hands every brush our teeth, open the fridge, to eat, to pick up a pencil...So I told them every time they do one of these things with their hands, it will be a reminder to pray for you. We send up these prays to Mother Mary. She give you strength. I hear you are One Tough Cookie!

    I hope you are stronger today than you were yesterday and that tomorrow will be better than today. Sarah, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    In Christ,
    Karen Welsch
    St. Mary Immaculate Youth Minister