Monday, October 1, 2012

One day at a time!

Hi--it's Sarah's Mom again.  It has been another long day, but the good news is that she has FINISHED HER FIRST 10-DAY CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENT!!!  Hooray.  We will celebrate when she is feeling up to it.  So far, we have had a few good laughs over some ridiculous cable TV shows like "Breaking Amish" (kind of interesting in a weird way) and "Secret Princes" (none of whom, by the way, is remotely good enough for my girl.)  Also, Sarah has compiled some really funny leukemia pick up lines ("Hey, girl!  Wanna see if we're a bone marrow match?") which she will have to blog about when she feels better.  Remind her if she forgets!  A highlight today was when the phone rang in her hospital room...I answered, and it was Father Biondi, president of Saint Louis University, calling to express his care and the concern and prayers of the community.  What a kind and thoughtful gesture from a very busy man.  One of the reasons this has been a tough couple of days is that Sarah developed a form of colitis common to neutropenic AML patients; it is a blessing that the doctors caught it early, but Sarah now cannot eat. Or drink. Anything...until the doctors feel her intestines are clear.  So, as you can tell, although Sarah is still not feeling too good, she still has moments when she can smile and joke about things.  I am sure that now, since she finished her first round of chemo, she will slowly gain back her strength and battle back from all the crummy side effects and post again soon.  Please continue to pray for our girl.  She is a warrior.
Peace, Mrs. W.


  1. If anyone can do it it's certainly Sarah! Strongest women I've ever met. Congrats on finishing your first round of of chemo; glad that you're smiling through it all. I love you girl! Praying for you everyday.

  2. You are now another step closer to being done with this! So sorry to hear you have to deal with the colitis on top of everything else. You can and will get through this!