Monday, November 26, 2012

On the Upswing

Hi friends and family,

I know it's been way too long since I gave anyone an update. Last week I had to have a really uncomfortable procedure followed by having to have tubes sticking out of too many places and me being absolutely miserable, not to mention having a neutropenic fever for a few days and horrible nausea. If I'm being honest, some of those days last week were honestly the hardest I've ever had to go through. My Mom stayed by my side the entire time and helped me through everything. I'm still having pain and not back to normal yet but I'm MUCH more comfortable now than I was at the beginning of the week. The good news is that my good cell counts are FINALLY starting to go up, so things can only go up from here!

I've continued to be overwhelmed by how far my story is reaching and how much support I have. I absolutely love the "Flat Sarah" group on facebook and all the cool "places I'm going." :) I also have seen a video of a special cheer the Plainfield Central cheer squad did while wearing shirts for me, and a group dedicating the song "The Middle" to me while holding up "Flat Sarah." It's amazing how many people care and are reaching out to me especially during this really, really tough time.

Hello world, Evamarie, Sarah's cousin here! Sarah asked me to finish up this blog post for her with a guest blog. Here is some of the love on her wall from all of you. I couldn't even get a picture with all of it in. Thanks for the pictures and love. Sarah received her Kindle Fire last week and she is starting to feel good enough to use it. She hopes to download some books and movies soon with an amazon gift card that was given to her from the Bare Necessities Charity.

HUGE THANK YOU to all those that have ordered Tshirts or donated on   Sarah is so grateful for all the donations and love. Sarah is currently resting comfortably while we watch TLC, Enchanted, and Family Guy. She still laughs and jokes like nothing has changed at all. Although she is in pain sometimes, she will be back in full swing soon. Sarah's nurses are amazing and very patient and kind to Sarah and we thank them alot. 

What can you do?
-Donated on Sarah's website or buy a Tshirt
-Write on Sarah's facebook group and leave some love. I always read them to Sarah when I visit since she hasn't felt up to being on facebook
- Take FLAT SARAH with you! Go onto "Flat Sarah" on facebook and print out her picture. Take Sarah to the grocery store, mall, park, or anywhere. She was laughing hysterically over the ones that have been posted. 

We love you Our Tough Cookie. 
Sarah and Evamarie


  1. Aw good, you got the picture of you, me, and Rhys from Encounter! :-) We all love you and are thinking of you Sarah! *hugs all around!*

  2. Sarah just wanted to let you know I say a prayer for you every day. It is either a quick prayer or a 30 minute rosery prayer. I noticed that it has been a while since you posted any notes and hoping you are hanging in there. Thinking of you always, Blessings and love,
    Debbie Loftus-Errthum