Monday, January 7, 2013

Update of Some Fabulous News!

Well, as much as I LOVE the peds floor, one of the downsides is the noise: I've gotten a whole hour of sleep tonight between crying babies across the hall and a seemingly always incredibly loud next door neighbor. While waiting to get something from my nurse to let me finally get some kind of rest, I figured I'd channel my frustrations into sharing the great news my doctor had for me today with all my amazing supporters! :) (Just wish me luck my neighbor lets me at least get a nap tomorrow...PLEASE!)

 Today, or technically yesterday (Sunday), my doctor told me that my white count, the number that has to get to a certain point before I get to come home, is almost to the goal, after another bone marrow extraction and spinal tap to verify that my bone marrow is doing what it should, I will be going home sometime this week!!! After almost 4 months straight, minus the week I was home between rounds 1 & 2, I am beyond ready to be done with being woken up to check my vitals all the time, being stuck in the chest weekly to change my port needle, and especially listening to unnecessarily loud neighbors...for starters. I absolutely can't wait to breathe in fresh air again and have more than a single floor to roam around. Sometimes it is comforting to be in the hospital, because if anything goes wrong, you have immediate access to doctors and nurses and all the health equipment in the world. Getting a fever, for example, can happen pretty easily to kids going through chemo, and we're given antibiotics right away to kill whatever bug we pick up. If a fever happens at home, I have to be rushed back right away to get my antibiotics by IV. Regardless, breathing in the sweet, fresh air versus the dry hospital environment is an incredible matter how scary it is sometimes to think about fevers or getting sick, there's definitely no place like home!

When my doc told me my counts, he said right after, "That is YOUR marrow that got your white count so high; yours!" After 4 grueling months of chemo, surgeries, tests, tubes...FINALLY my marrow is ready for brand new, healthy stem cells to make my body healthy again. I've been through hell and back in a lot of ways, and I'm more than ready to just be DONE with treatment!

As I move on to the final phase of treatment, I'm remembering all that God has blessed me with so far, even through the pain, and I see that He is taking incredible care of me. Yes, there's going to be pain and suffering in life, and everyone has different life battles. But, remembering the "Footprints in the Sand" story I referenced in one of my very first posts, I know that there have been many times God has picked me up and carried me through; through my parents` nonstop love and care, through those special nurses and doctors who have gone above and beyond their call for my sake, and through the letters, packages, and undying support that reminds me to keep pushing and keep fighting. I'm learning that no matter what life throws at me, God either gives me the strength to fight, or carries me through when it just feels too hard. I hope someday I'm able to share this experience with someone ready to give up...reassure him or her that when you can't bear the cards you've been dealt, you sure as heck have someone bigger and stronger willing to take it instead.

Rambling, as usual, so I'll try to get some shut-eye. Goodnight and, as always, lots of love all around! :)



  1. hope you got some rest, and SO EXCITED you are going to come home soon and that this nightmare is almost over. You are in the home stretch! 2013 is going to be so amazing for you!

  2. Sarah, so excited for you. Question, what types of art do you like to do? What types of supplies do you like to use? BTW, I'm Connor Parker's mother. You were at our home for New Years a few years ago. Lots of people at FBC are praying for you.

  3. SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU SARAH! ENJOY YOUR TIME AT HOME! praying for you always <3

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    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?