Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Big THANK YOU and an Update!

Here's my blog post for a video! Enjoy! :)

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  1. Sarah,
    I know it has been told to you before many times, but... you are truly the most beautiful and inspirational person I have ever heard. Your strength, attitude, and faith are nothing short of amazing. And Mary, oh Mary, what a ROCK STAR! Your parents must be saints to have raised such strong, compassionate, and beautiful young women. Your blog and specifically this video brought tears of inspiration to me.
    I was brought to this blog in my loads and loads of reading and research, as my nephew was recently diagnosed with AML. Reading all of the medical jargon can be confusing at times, so reading the experiences/blogs of others who tell it like it is are very helpful to piece it all together. So.... as you said you would like to do, you are already paying it forward. Although I am a complete stranger (although from the Chicago area also), I, as many others are doing, will keep you close in my thoughts and prayers. Your story, attitude, and faith are a beautiful example for others. Lots of love to you xoxoxo.